Sermon Description

When news of change and a time of transition comes, especially a transition we do not want and can see more harm than good in, it’s the very next question after “What?”


It can be a useful question, an empowering question, even a question that could, at times, lead to a different kind of change that would be for the better.

But let’s be honest about the degree of our own self-interest in asking “Why?” We ask “Why?” first as a kind of primal response, out of our own pain, confusion, and discomfort with the news we have received and where we see things going—for us and ours. We ask “Why?” as a kind of demand for the messenger or the change-maker to explain themselves, to justify the pain, discomfort, or confusion they’re putting us through. The deeper our sense of our own loss and pain, the more demanding our “Why?” becomes. There had better be a good explanation for this… or else.

Scripture Lesson

Gospel Lesson: Mark 3:20 – 35
Old Testament: 1 Samuel 8:4 – 20


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