Giving FAQ

Q: Is or Online Giving Secure?

A: Yes. / Online Giving is secure and information is encrypted.

Q: What options do you accept for online giving?

A: allows you to give via Credit / Debit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Bank Transfer.

Q: Can I setup automatic recurring giving?

A: Yes! Check the checkbox named “Recurring Giving” and select the options in the drop down arrows to select how often you want to give automatically.

Q: The Give button is not loading for me. Do you have another way to give?

A: Sorry about that. You can visit and give online.

Q: Do you only accept online giving?

A: No. We still allow checks, and cash left in envelopes. Due to COIVD19, please drop off your offline giving in the offering plates as you walk into the sanctuary.

Question not listed? Email us at [email protected]